Spring is almost here!


Spring is the perfect time to shed the not-so-good habits that no longer serve us and bring in some new, healthy ones!

If you’ve always wanted to try out a yoga class or if you used to go but got out of the habit, Spring is a wonderful time of year to start.

Here are five top tips for getting you motivated again after the dark, winter nights;


1. Book your place at a class

That’s the first step done, now all you need to do it show up.


2. Prepare yourself

Whether its getting your change of clothes out for your yoga class the next day or getting snacks ready for in-between work and yoga, planning the night before is key!


3. Be decisive

Don’t listen to your 6.30am brain! When you alarm goes off, get up. You do need to go to the gym or yoga class today, don’t save it for tomorrow. Tell people your intensions and say it out loud for extra motivation. You only regret the things you don’t do.


4. Know your ‘why’

Why do you want to go to that yoga class? Work out your ‘why’ to help you stay motivated and remind yourself of this when your 6.30am brain kicks in!


5. Think about how you’ll feel afterwards

Or rather, think about how you’ll feel after you skip class and sit on your sofa scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed!


So there’s my top five motivation tips, feel free to apply them to any healthy situation!

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