Challenges: off and on the mat

Challenges: off and on the mat

We can ofHand to toeten find ourselves challenged both on our yoga mat and off it, but how do we deal with these challenges and how do they relate to each other?

We’ve all been there, moving from asana to asana, in sync with the breath and then suddenly we’re stopped, unable to flow into the next with ease. Whether it’s a standing posture, inversion or maybe an arm balance. We become almost annoyed with ourselves, looking around the room, wondering why others can appear to effortlessly touch their toes or bend their back in the way that they do and why we can’t.

Challenges that we face in yoga, reflect the challenges that we face every day. We can learn a lot about ourselves when they arise. We learn how to control ourselves, how to react and how to let go. This is exactly the same in our yoga practice. With this in mind, we shouldn’t avoid challenges but face them.

When we come across a challenge in our practice, we can often get stuck and struggle to move forward. Similar to off the mat, we let our mind linger around the issue, sometimes for weeks or for months, unable to move on and let go. We need to accept where we are in that moment for us to be able to move on. 

I often find myself stuck due to fear of failure so I allow myself to become distracted to avoid the challenges that I face, of course nothing then gets done or progresses until I snap out of it! The only way through these challenges is to breathe through them and to work on the art of letting go – on and off the mat. How do you get through your challenges in your yoga practice and in every day life?

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