F A L L I N G  B E H I N D

I recently wrote a post on my facebook page about feeling like you’re falling behind in life. It got SO many responses, I didn’t realise how many people could relate to it, so I’ve decided to write a blog post about it. I realise that I’ve been super lazy with blogging and most things social media related but I’m trying to change that starting from now!

I’ve recently read a few articles about this feeling of ‘falling behind in life’ which made me realise that was exactly how I was feeling at the time. I’m now closer to thirty than I am twenty, which is a crazy, daunting feeling and up until twelve months ago my life was pretty much planned out. However, shit happens and now I’m living in a house share again, working at a job I worked at whilst I was at university and trying to savour the yoga classes that I teach. It seemed around me that all my friends were getting engaged, having babies, getting promotions, going travelling, and I was just stuck. Stuck feeling nineteen again (and not the great feelings of 2009 dancing in Coco Tang every week drinking Turkish Delight cocktails). After six months of feeling down about where I’m currently at in life, a couple of weeks ago I realised that I’m actually exactly where I need to be right now.  And you are too. You are exactly where you need to be in this moment.

Life happens, crud things happen, really crud things happen and then great things happen too (trust me, those great moments do happen if you allow them to). We are all human. Let yourself be, give yourself a break. Stop trying to control things that are simply out of your control, let go. Stop comparing your life to a filtered Instagram photo of a ridiculously attractive couple with cute little babies baking vegan cakes on a Spring Sunday afternoon. Stop reading mindbodygreen articles about’10 ways to be happy’, it’s perfectly okay to feel sad or angry or whatever emotion you want to feel because YOU ARE HUMAN. Take a step back, breathe and let life happen.

Embrace where you’re currently at, keep your head up and keep those positive vibes rolling. One day you will realise that this moment makes perfect sense and who knows where you’ll be this time next year.

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