Disconnect to Reconnect


I don’t know about you but I’m well and truly ready for a digital detox over the festive period. Since I’ve been on maternity leave all I have done is scroll through Instagram for most of the day in between feeding and changing the baby. And do I feel any better for all of this scrolling? Definitely not.

When I’m mindlessly looking through social media I find myself longing for a life and the body I once had. I completely forget about the beautiful little ginger baby that has just been created and all I want to do is online shop and finally get to the gym. And yes, I know she’s only seven weeks old.

I’m needing now more than ever my yoga practice and an escape from social media. Our phones are constantly in our hands and if they’re not in our hands then we know exactly where they are (which is probably right next you). I never used to look at my phone before bed or if woken in the night but I’m now finding myself scrolling during a night feed. All of this social media usage is taking us away from the present moment and often takes us to a place of comparison and negativity.

So this Christmas, log off and shut down. Spend time truly connecting with your family and friends, without the unnecessary need to check your phone because what are you really gaining from it?

Disconnect to reconnect.

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